Credit card number and zip code entered on payment page.


InterPayments instantly calculates the exact, compliant surcharge amount for each specific credit card.


The amount is presented transparently to the customer as a Transaction Fee*

*We help you further lower costs by ensuring your customer can switch to an alternative payment method that's cheaper for you.

100% Control Over When,
Where, and How You Surcharge

Tailor surcharging for your business. There's no one-size-fits-all surcharging. Meet your customer needs and your business requirements.


Pass along the full cost of credit card processing.


Select which orders you want to surcharge and which you don’t.

Discount transaction
fee by %

Discount the maximum allowable surcharge amount applied to surchargeable transactions.

Set surcharge amount
by order value

Vary or eliminate the surcharge amount by order value.

Static Max
Surcharge Amount

Limit the surcharge amount to a fixed cents or dollar amount.

Static Max
Surcharge %

Limit the surcharge amount to a fixed percentage of the order value.

Surcharge On Your Existing Processing Terms and Platform

No rip and replace of your existing processing terms, processor, gateway, or payment platform. InterPayments allows you to compliantly surcharge on your current platform - or the one you’ll have in the future.

Processing Terms

Interchange Plus

Fixed Rate or Tiered Pricing


If you’re on Interchange Plus, you and your customers benefit from lower processing fees overall. InterPayments ensures you retain that benefit. This is especially important if you intend to surcharge only a portion of your credit card volume.

If you’re on Fixed Rate or Tiered pricing, we’ve got you covered. As your business grows, you’ll likely move to Interchange Plus processing. We’ll be here to grow with you.

Put InterPayments
to the Test

Our flexible solution gives you the opportunity to test InterPayments on a handful of select products or offerings before committing to reducing credit card fees across all lines of business. This allows you to analyze before and after data to ensure customer conversion and retention are unaffected.

Check out our Customer Success Story to learn how testing InterPayments led one merchant to roll our solution out across all their sales channels.

Read the Success Story

Automated Compliance

67 juridisctions - from state, federal, and industry regulations - create an evolving and complicated web of compliance hurdles.

handles it all.

Identifying Approved Cards

InterPayments technology automatically differentiates between all card types – credit, debit, prepaid, and government issued - to maintain compliance.

30 day Card Brand Notification

InterPayments will notify all relevant stakeholders (card brands and acquirers that require notice) on your behalf.

Calculate Exact Surcharge Rates

InterPayments dynamically calculates the surcharge amount for each and every card. We maximize recovery and guarantee compliance.

Customer Surcharge Awareness

InterPayments’ automatically processes the purchase amount and credit card fees as one transaction at checkout and provides you with the most updated proper notice protocols.

Evolving State Legislation

InterPayments diligently oversees evolving and independent state regulations so merchants with national, omnichannel presence remain compliant.

Card Brand Rules

InterPayments' continuosly navigates card brands' multifaceted directives so merchants can maximize their margins with peace of mind.

Competitive Differentiation


Business Model

Card Processing Fees

Merchant Acquirer

Payment Gateway

Shopping Cart




Technology Solution

Flexible DaaS, API; enables exact surcharging

Interchange Plus, Tiered, + Fixed Rate

Acquirer Agnostic; integrates into all popular payments platforms

Merchant’s Choice

Integrates into all popular eCommerce software

eCommerce, Virtual Terminal, POS

Tailored to Merchant

Fully Compliant with all regulations

Powerful rules engine allowing surcharge adjustments, plus Analytics dashboard enabling detailed monitoring of improved profitability


Processing Fees, Add-On

Fixed Rate Only

Determined by Platform; Requires rip and replacement

Platform’s choice

Limited to Platform’s Partners

Pre-defined Channel Options

Tailored to specific ISO

Limited to Fixed Rate

Provide only fixed fee surcharging without regulatory compliance certainty